Nor-Shipping is easy to navigate, understand and enjoy. It features six ‘theme parks’, grouping together industry segments in convenient clusters. This ensures visitors can quickly find the exhibitors most relevant to their needs.


Nor-Shipping is easy to navigate.


This is the place for companies that are shaping the future of shipping by disrupting the present. Exhibitors here have expertise within disruptive technology, sustainable solutions and safeguarding the environment. Examples of this include; 3D printing, artificial intelligence, The Internet of Things, renewables, energy storage, environmental organisations, autonomous ships, advanced robotics, and green capital.

IT & Navigation

Greater connectivity and data access lead to enhanced safety, efficiency and performance. These exhibitors have the services and solutions to unlock that potential, with businesses focusing on digital communication & charts, GPS, bridge systems & instruments, anti-collision systems, monitoring & control systems, and computer systems.

Safety and rescue

Safety comes first in shipping. Exhibitors in Hall C are focused on safeguarding people, assets and the environment, with expert services and solutions in arenas such as fire & gas protection, life-saving equipment, medical equipment, tank level measurement, salvage services, and emergency systems.

Shipbuilding & Repair

Nothing defines shipping like the vessels themselves. This hall is the meeting place for the companies that build, maintain and repair our fleets, offering services and solutions such as newbuilding, ship repair & conversion, vessel design & interiors, corrosion & hull protection, and ship classification & registration.

Propulsion & Machinery

Exhibitors in Hall E are driving the industry forward, providing the power and systems to optimize performance and satisfy global requirements. These companies have expertise in fields including heat exchangers, engines, aggregates, compressors, brakes, ballast water treatment, propellers, and fuel systems.

Maritime Services & Logistics

Here you’ll find the companies that make our world turn, delivering solutions and services that keep maritime moving and markets connected, worldwide. Exhibitors here offer expertise in areas such as logistical solutions & consulting, maritime authorities, recruitment, ship handling, spares, transport & forwarding, and storage.