Norwegian Trash

Nordic Ocean Watch has entered the Problem to Profit with their new project Norwegian Trash.

Since the petroleum boom in the 50s, more than 150 million tonnes of plastic has found its way into the ocean. Some research tell us that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Nordic Ocean Watch is a voluntary organization working to keep the oceans clean, in part by arranging beach cleanups all along the Norwegian coast.

Norwegian Trash is our idea to use the plastic waste from cleanups as a raw material to create new products.

The Idea:
Norwegian Trash is a brand that produces design souvenirs from plastic waste collected along the Norwegian coast. The souvenirs will be designed by various local designers, and produced and sold near the destination they represent. This means that tourists visiting Lofoten can help clean a beach and protect its coastline, simply by buying a souvenir.

We also hope that the souvenirs can become conversation pieces. Norwegian Trash will work to educate and inspire to change their consumption habits, by presenting a product that highlights a major problem.

Norwegian Trash also wants to work closely with the tourist industry. Hopefully our souvenirs and message can be distributed through partnerships with major travel operators, cruiseliners and destinations. This helps them in becoming more environmentally responsible, and at the same time it offers the tourists a better product than the mass produced-ugly trolls that dominate the souvenir-market today.

#Nor-Shipping From Problem to Profit competition 2017

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