Get disruptive

Nor-Shipping 2017 saw the introduction of a new hall, brimming with new ideas. The disruptive sustainability hall represents the very cusp of the changing face of the maritime sector.

For some this is a huge opportunity to bring about industrial change at a level never seen before. For others, this may be too much of a risk, they may even decide to ignore what this hall represents, much like the dinosaurs would have ignored that huge meteor.

Disruption and innovation are not owned by the young and inventive, there are many existing industry layers that see the signs and are early movers. In the maritime and shipping sectors they are emerging, restructuring to become new agile businesses ready to meet the challenges they think the future will bring. We may call them the disruptive dinosaurs, the ones that have the tenacity and drive to evolve and change

Disruptive Talks
These are the companies, new and old, that form the disruptive sustainability hall, and key to that the disruptive talks at the centre of the buzz.

The disruptive talks are hosted by Fathom Maritime and supported by leading companies willing to be seen as self-disruptive. They are 10 focused one hour debates throughout the first three days of Nor-Shipping tackling key issues that many companies, their executives and staff should be asking themselves.

The disruptive talks took place on the main stage in the Disruptive Sustainability Hall at Nor-Shipping 2017. They were led and directed by Craig Eason, Editorial Director, Fathom Maritime Intelligence.

Come to the disruption – Disruptive Talks Programme 2017

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